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Electronic Conveyancing – the way of the future.

We have recently completed our first end to end electronic conveyance in a purchase matter using the new PEXA system.  This presents exciting new frontiers in the world of conveyancing.  Traditionally conveyancing has been a very paper driven transaction with parties still having to physically turn up at a given time to manually check through mountains of documents and hand over cheques.  This new system allows all the documents required to be electronically generated and “signed”, it allows all parties to “meet” on line throughout the transaction and at the settlement time and for all exchanges to happen electronically with all the relevant government authorities and banks.  A click of the button enables the transaction and funds are transferred automatically, stamp duty is assessed and paid instantly and the title is issued very promptly.  We are very proud to be embracing new technology and look forward to providing our clients access to these cutting edge technologies to complete their property transactions.